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This is such a great forum with many members as well as visitors, that I was wondering if there was a way we could share C@H recipes that individuals have inputted into recipe management software programs, such as Living Cookbook or Master Cook. C@H is about the only cooking magazine that has not made all their recipes available online for download. It is time consuming to enter C@H recipes into these software programs. So, I was thinking that there could be a thread established whereby, one could request a C@H recipe in either Living Cookbook or Master Cook file format to be posted or members could post C@H recipes that they have already inputted into their recipe management software programs. The thread would need to be one of the beginning threads, like the Newbies, email and birthday threads that are easy to find. Also, this thread could be used for individuals to post recipes or other recipe info, so it would be easier to find.

This is just a thought and I don't know if it is possible in this forum or if members are interested in doing this kind of project. It might fill a need until C@H finally makes all recipes available online.

Barbara G
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Well I use a program called Yummy Soup for macs. I could export it, however, if you import someone's library it over writes your existing one. I think the same applies for Master Cook and Living Library.
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Hi Barbara, nice to "see" you again. We do post some recipes, especially if someone is looking for something in particular. It helps a lot if we know what issue the recipe is from and the correct name of the recipe. Many times, someone will be able to find it.

Many of us have recipe management programs and we do copy and share recipes that are posted and/or requested. Many times we acquire these when someone "reviews" a C@H recipe.

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Welcome back, Barbara.

A number of the people on this forum use a Firefox extension called "RecipeFox" which imports recipes from forum messages and saves them into the proper formats for several popular recipe-management programs.

RecipeFox users, please giver Barbara some more information. I save recipes in my own formats with my own system and don't really follow the other programs.
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I'd be glad to put up a "Sticky" for a thread just relating to searchng for and posting needed recipes.

I would suggest the title always be the proper name of the recipe wanted and then in the body the info for finding it in the issues?

Does this sound workable for everyone??
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I know that members are very kind to post requested recipes from issues of C@H. However, one must search through the forum to find these recipes. Sometimes, one can find a C@H recipe through a Google search. What I am suggesting is this forum's database of C@H recipes that members have entered into a digital format whereby the recipe could be copied and pasted into a recipes thread. Another alternative would be to post the recipe file that could be downloaded, if this is possible. My idea is to collect C@H digitally formatted recipes from members and put them in a recipes thread = database of recipes.

Barbara G
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O.K., Barbara, you are now talking above my head...most know I am one of the most uneducated computer people around.

So, I'm going to let you all discuss this and if there is a solution, I will find out how to implement it. Good luck..
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Would the publishers of Cuisine at Home permit a "Sticky" with their recipes for free? There may be some copyright issues.
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don't think they would really go for that.....
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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And I agree Jean. Lots of magazines and newspapers are now charging fees for accessing online articles and [Email]C@H[/Email] would probably not be able to sustain itself in a published magazine for very long just giving away the recipes.

But I wouldn't mind subscribing online for an e-Mag - the whole e-Mag. It would save space in my kitchen!

Heck, I'd even pay for all the back issues downloaded (a Herculean feat, no doubt) for a fee and really just keep the paper issues I want.

How would that sound to the Board?

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