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My friend's son is a talented programmer and won a Engineering competition for creating a live baseball card app - he'll be working for Microsoft after graduation. At dinner last night, he asked us 'old folks' what kind of app we would use. I told him I'd really like a recipe app that permitted me to collect recipes and also add my own in one repository. I subscribe to Epicurious, AllRecipes and Bon Appetite, and also have a fairly large library of books. I would want to be able to add the location of some recipes and type others in. It would also be nice to be able to list some ingredients and have the app return some possible things to make from the list.

So, if he or someone would design the best recipe app – what would you want it to do?
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I would love an app that let me log into all my various 'recipe boxes' and combined them.

Another is an app that tells me substitutions for items. Don't have item A, you could use Item B and how much of that new ingredient is needed.
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I'd like a $2.99 app that would come with a free iPad.
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