Monday's Dinner, 4/16????
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What's on the menu for today??

We're having a Margharita pizza with homemade mozz.
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In anticipation of a lot of homework for the child I am taking the easy way out. Heating up carnitas from Costco (we think it's pretty good!) for tacos, I'll make a corn salsa and purchasing guacamole from Chipotle.
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I'm doing ribs with some of our corn last year. We'll have a salad on the side. Meanwhile, I'm sitting on the deck again.......sunshine and wine. I like that!
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We went out to see the twins for their birthday party this weekend and both of us got the G.I. bug. Hoping we feel better by tomorrow but for tonight no cooking
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An encore dinner tonight, because it was so delicious four days ago, chicken cutlets with a side of asparagus.
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Feel better, Cis! We had chili dogs with onion slaw. I enjoyed them, but don't think you would have...

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