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So tomorrow would start my tournament season - United Way, the biggest one out there for me and everybody that is anybody in the area golfs in it - 168 golfers. Except that now the weatherman is predicting 60s and 70 percent chance of rain and they are talking cancelling and rescheduling. Which would, of course, require me to phone tee times and ask if they would kindly reschedule. But the kicker is that they aren't going to decide until tonite - so how am I supposed to handle the steaks? They might just decide to go with it tomorrow and see how many show up.

I can absorb the bakers, and haven't done the dessert, the corn cobbettes are in the freezer, but 200 portions of salad + fixins won't keep until two weeks from tomorrow. I shoved the steaks back into the freezer yesterday morning since they hadn't really started to defrost yet, but I am trying to figure out how to handle them when UW actually makes a decision.

I know if we were a "big boy" facility all of this would be dealt with cut and dry, they are going to pay for it no questions asked, but I don't want to alienate a customer that has been loyal and I certainly can understand where they are coming from, but I am sure they don't have a clue what that does on my end. Add to the fact that both my cooks are having health issues and I don't know when or if either are showing up from one day to the next. And I have another tournament the next day with 100 people and not much better weather.

Done ranting, feel better getting it off my chest. Guess I'll take a few more advil and plunge on into the day!
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Oh geez, isn't catering fun? the only time we had to re-schedule an event due to a major snowstorm, the couple reimbursed us the cost of the fresh food (salad etc), that could not be frozen. Is there a cancellation clause in your contract? I think in ours, they forfeit their deposit. I can sure understand not wanting to alienate them. We are about ready to get rid of most of our staff. We have a plated 3 course meal for 150 Saturday. Staff agreed to work it months ago. Yesterday, 2 kitchen help and 3 servers decided they had something better to do.
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Thank God I never had to deal with something like this!! I'm in awe that either of you have any hair left on your heads!!

Lorraine, that sure makes sense to have to reimburse for fresh items. Great way to handle it.
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They fully understood, and were fine with it. I still have my hair, but my stomach is twirling, and I waited tables and worked the dishpit all night in my sleep.
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Yet another reason for me not to like or trust the United Way.

I have never liked the idea that the supposedly "easy" contributions to the United Way could very easily go to "charities" that I would absolutely never support rather than to causes that I do feel are worthy. Thus, I don't buy into their "united" model and I prefer to donate directly.

Then, on top of that, they have this policy of instructing businesses to push their employees into contributing and, regardless of the employer, the tactics are always the same (as if scripted) techniques of browbeating unwilling employees with "it's just one dollar," etc. Frankly, anything related to the United Way has always felt more like extortion, to me, than charity.
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Could not agree more, Labs, was always my issue with them as well - both counts.

That's just what I was thinking of doing, billing them the cost of the fresh stuff that I can't possibly use up. Just waiting to see what happens.

So funny, Lorraine, I am doing the same thing at 3:00 in the morning! I've just given up and got out of bed.
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Oh Linda - that so sucks! I have to agree about billing them for the fresh stuff that you can't use.

We sorta had the opposite happen this week - the food service co. delivered an order and whoever checked the order in - and put a case of steaks in the walk-in (instead of downstairs in the freezer) and they thawed. Panic! But - out of the blue a company called and wanted to set up a small tournament for their employees with a BBQ steak lunch! Whew.
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Linda, I am certainly taking notes from all you guys. I hope it works out in your favor.

Lorraine, that is too funny! I know it isn't to you....the loss of real rest, but....

Sharon! What a BOON that was!
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Well, the tournament is on, so now we are prepping like mad. I still have visions of it raining tomorrow, them sitting in the picnic pavilion and asking how soon I can serve dinner. That being said, if in fact, it does rain, I can't imagine all of the participants sitting and drinking all afternoon, I would expect a bunch to go home early before dinner. So I have prepped for a 100 right now, will see what tomorrow afternoon brings. I haven't taken the rest of the steaks out of the cryovac, so if need be I can run them as a special for the leagues. What a deal I got - 16 oz. T-bones for $3.99 lb. I took the rest of the show special yesterday - I now have 530 steaks in my freezer!
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