Issue #94 July/August arrived
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At first glance, there are some really great looking recipes. The Gourmet burger section got my immediate attention. I'm going to have a tough time choosing a recipe for my B'day dinner review.
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Got my issue today! Never did a beer can chicken.

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I got mine as well...the grilled calzones are on my must do list, but the burgers look REALLY tempting as well. I'll sit down and take a closer look after dinner.
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I saw lots of thing, too! As hot as it gets here, I'm anxious to check out the frozen drink section!
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Wait a minute..I think we need to all back up and re-read Barbara's post "Never did a beer can chicken."


That's like an american staple now. Although now they have special "cans" so you don't have to actually use a real beer can. Which brings me to my story..nice segway huh?

So making a beer can chicken and grabbed one of my dads Budlights (ick I know but it was all I had). I cut the top off and emptied a bit out to fit the herbs in. (horrifying my father that I would waste his 'good' beer in this manner)

Got the can on the grill put chicken over can and lit her up. So somethings to learn -

1 Beer will boil
2 Beer will foam a LOT when it boils
3 Back yard smelled like a dead brewery due the all the beer leaking out the bottom of my bbq.
4 Leaking beer will result in putting your flames out
5 You won't know your flames are out as you trying to hose down spilled beer
6 You will soon find out your flames are out because your husband gets that "you smell gas" look on his face.
7 Boiled beer bottom chicken not so pleasant.
8 And most important..when you close your lid remove that little warming rack first...cause you open the lid in a panic to vent the gas that's been pooling the wings will get caught and your boiled beer bottom chicken well catch air as it sails across the patio.

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Denise, that's hilarious!

I do them all the time. My recipe has you put some of the rub in with the beer. Sadly, every time I do it, I forget how much it foams! But I have never had my beer boil over into the grill. I guess enough foams out when adding the rub, there's not enough left in there to boil over. My biggest dilemma has been figuring out how to get the burning hot can out without spilling it or getting burned!

But we sure do love it!
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Too funny Denise! We usually pour about half the beer out and then place the can holder with the chicken on a metal pie plate from Marie Callendar's to catch the drippings. Works out perfectly - I can take those drippings to make gravy if we want.
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Denise, that's funny! I think we've all had days like that, especially me since I'm just learning how to cook on the grill.

Barbara, we just started doing beer can chickens again this year. Don't know why we ever stopped. They are just fantastic. However, I'm finding that they are really much tastier done on the charcoal grill. We put all the coals on one side, then put a foil drip pan on the other side. Oh, and we put a handful of wood chips on the hot coals to add some smokey flavor.

Back to the original post. I haven't gotten my issue yet, but will be watching for it. Anxious to see what Blane picks for his birthday dinner.

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Ladies - you have to drink half the beer before you shove the beer can . . . . If you just have an empty beer or soda can you can put all kinds of liquid goodies in there. I do white wine and lemon peel with some herbs and a garlic clove. Apple juice works well with spicy BBQ rubs.

. . . and if you don't drink beer (OMG) make your husband drink it!
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Sharon, I've done the same thing with an empty green bean can one time when I didn't have a can of beer and was too lazy to go to the store? White wine and herbs....very good!

But I'll challenge anybody to beat my Sizzle rub for my chicken!
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