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We all seem to make a lot of shrimp. How do you guys buy yours? Fresh or frozen? Size? And where do you buy them?

We usually buy medium frozen peeled and deveined (tails on) from Costco. Once in a while we buy large fresh ones if they have the weekend seafood station set up.
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When possible, I try to get mine right off the boat. Last year was a Weak year for local shrimpers, so I resorted to Food Lion frozen. But this year is looking good. I just have to be patient for this movie to get over.
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We always buy frozen - they freeze them on the boats and to me, this is the very best way to buy. I always have a bag of U-15 (average 14 per lb.) and extra jumbo (16-29 per lb.)
Rarely do I pick up Medium (41-50 per lb.) but they are nice for a soup/stew. All from Costco.

Beware of stores advertising fresh shrimp - 9 times out of 10 they have been frozen. Unless, you happen to live in Shrimp country.
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My mom is notorious for asking if seafood is locally caught. So many people assume that being on the coast, all the area restaurants use local seafood. We had a good friend in the food distribution business disabuse us of this many years ago. You would be shocked at how many restaurants use seafood from distributors in coastal areas!
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You'd be surprised at how much seafood in Hawaii is flown in!

Jean - my medium shrimp from Costco are 31-40.
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What a timely topic. I just opened a bag of frozen shrimp(21/25),to thaw for tonights dinner. The third time this week having shrimp. I like using the frozen because they're cleaned already, but I'll use fresh if I'm in a hurry.
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Do you have a local Harris Teeter?
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Frozen from Costco. No other real option for me I never had a fresh shrimp before in my life.

Daphne make note of we when come out you can hook us up
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Make sure you have a spare cooler. We'll fill it up with shrimp you freeze and we'll eat shrimp every night if you want to! I also have a fisherman friend that will give us fresh fish.....from tuna to dolphin to grouper. And if you want, we'll go dig clams and set crab traps and have a feast on the beach!
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No Harris Teeter's in So. Cal. that I'm aware of.

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