Thanks for the ideas!
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A month ago I had a call inquiring about having a birthday party in the banquet room for a 90 year old (she was throwing it herself). So I responded, sent her the menu, and she called back several days later with her appetizer request. She was just going to advertise this so there was no figuring how many people would be coming, thought maybe about 100, but was very specific about her appetizer order and wanted non-alcoholic punch. After our discussion with Jean and Lorraine about utilizing height in the presentation, I thought this would be a good time to try making this presentation really beautiful - and it was. And don't you know, we never got that dang picture!!

Anyway, the food was inhaled, we kept looking at each other as we kept replacing the punch - went through 15 gallons of punch! Yesterday I get a call from one of her friends that was there and was so impressed by the facility, the food and the punch that she wants to schedule a memorial service here, just doesn't know when that will occur and wanted to know how much lead time I needed.

So bottom line, you all helped me to book another event (I think!). Once again, you guys are the best!

Oh, and the friend said there were actually 185 people there Saturday - no wonder they went through a lot of the food and all that punch!
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Well done, Linda! I love hearing about these parties!
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You have to be darn sure you anticipate the appetites on us old folks - we'll eat you out of house and home.

thanks, Linda. It means so much that some of what I have learned from wonderful folks I can pass on to others.
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That is so cool! Glad to hear it went so well. Once word of mouth from satisfied guests gets around you'll probably get even more calls. Good luck!
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That's great Linda! I'm so glad it went well.
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I'm so glad it went well, Linda! And congrats on booking another event from it! They were obviously very impressed.
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