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Twice a year we do a large Bridal Show in Charlottesville, they usually get about 400 people. The next one is this sunday. We got a call yesterday from the organizer, asking if he would like to be interviewed on the radio for 5 minutes. Well, 5 minutes of free advertsing, yes, I think we are interested. The catch...we have to be there at 9am ( he is not a morning person), and bring 3-4 small dishes to feed 15 people. So, today we'll be going to the winery to pick up supplies and then prep. We're busy enough getting organized and prepping for Sunday, but just can't pass up this offer.
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I guess not, Lorraine!! Great way to get news out.

do you remember the cluster f--- I survived at the hotel when we did a Bridal tasting night??????????? I posted it on C2C.
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Congratulations on the freebie! Good luck!
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Good for you Lorraine! Best of luck
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Cool! That sounds wonderful! I am sure he will be fine and rise to the occasion. What a great opportunity.
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Thanks, folks! The food is all prepped and in coolers. I know he'll be fine, he was morning tv a few time sat his last job. Jean, I remember that!
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What do you do for the bridal show? Ours come in January around here, but I don't have a good variety of pictures that I think would be necessary to showcase our venue, so I have hesitated to participate.

Congrats on the interview! Free publicity - yay!
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Lorraine what a great opportunity. You two will shine.

Linda I hadn't even thought about that - it might be an idea, but we're such a "plastic table cloth" type of place I'm not sure . . .
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It went really well. I stayed in the boardroom feeding folks, while he was being interviewed. we heard it on the radio driving home, and I was very happy with it. The announcer mentioned our name many times, which is what I was hoping for.

Linda, I'm making cakes for the Cake Pops, I'll write more later,
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Lorraine, this is so exciting. Sorry I wasn't around earlier to wish you well! I'm sure Gil did great!

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