Summer Staff Pool Party
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This one is special--Arlene, my bookeeper, has been with me 30 yrs and used to bring her daughter Krystn with her--this year Krystn is bringing her husband and baby (Easten). Doris, my first agent (29 yrs), would bring her daughter Sadie--Sadie is expecting in Sept (son, Jansen) and is coming with her husband. Lisa (10 yrs) is bringing her two boys. Bert, my son, was promoted to president this year, will be here along with Daryl (Arlene), Bryan (Krystn) and Micah (Sadie). Lisa's two boys are Heston and Peyton. Three generations!!!

Shrimp & sauce, Hatch chili dip, Herdez dip,my Charro soup, mole ole wings, sangria, margaritas, tea and lemonade start. Grilled hamburgers, Hebrew National hot dogs with my chili, link sausage, and our home made potato chips. Berrymisu for dessert--Sadie gets our fresh homemade peach ice cream
Special Day!!
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How fun, Bill! You're such a great boss! No wonder they've been with you so long! Have a great day! The menu sounds perfect for a pool party!
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Ok I think this is just the neatest thing to have for the staff!! What a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate them. You guys are just awesome!!
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Way cool!!

I've been waiting for a party to make that hatch chili dip that my Secret Santa sent me.

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What everyone else has said!! What a great party menu and what a great party you will have.
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