Broken Foot
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Well for those not on FB my wonderful luck continues. Stepped into trench, fell, hyper extended a tendon which in turn pulled back on a bone in my foot and snapped it.

Can't even remotely get the darn pressure boot on because my foot can't lay in a flat position like when you stand. And I have never used crutches before so very wobbly. Seems when I fell I also injured my left shoulder, which crutches seem to hurt even more.

So it looks like it'll be a week before I can out any pressure on it. Poor Derek is worried cause he can't cook and doesn't know what to make for dinners

Sleeping is going to be interesting as blankets put pressure on it and that is no bueno.

I will once again be grateful for the small things, I didn't fall into the blackberries and their thorns, or down into the creek. But geez!
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Honestly, Denise! Your luck has GOT to turn soon! This is bordering on ridiculous! Be well, my friend. Rest and take care of that foot. Derek will figure it out. Just come up some meals that don't challenge him too much. You're an excellent chef! I know you can talk him through it!
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Arrrrgh! That's terrible! Rest up. Hope it heals well and quickly.
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Oh that just awful - Make sure you stay off it.

Do you want Nurse Jean, Sharon and me to come to Oregon and help?

If Terry can learn to cook I am sure Derek will all Be strong !!!!

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Sometimes, I think a good dose of coping on their own is good for them. One really can survive on toasted cheese or fresh tomato sandwiches for a few days until you get back on your feet. It will make him apppreciate you more - and give him something to whine about

Really, so sorry to hear about this streak of bad luck, it really has been challenging for you! It has got to turn about soon! Follow the doctor's orders and stay off of it. It will make you crazy, but I am sure that trying to hurry the process won't help it in the long run.
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Ditto to what Linda said. I hope it heals soon, Denise!
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Oh Denise, I just can't believe all this!!! Not sure I want to stop by after all - your luck may jump to someone else......Just kidding. I wish you were going to be around on our way down, I'd drop off a couple casseroles/soups.
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Denise, it seems as though your retirement and move have gotten off to a rough start. What a shame about your foot! Take good care of yourself so it won't take longer to heal.

As for Derek, this could be a wonderful new challenge for him to learn how to cook. He might even learn to love it. Another friend's husband retired last year and now he watches cooking shows. She is still working, so he surprises her with wonderful meals every night.

An added bonus for them...they have both lost over 40 lbs. this year because he also plans all of their meals and calculates nutrition.

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I don't know what we are going to do with you Denise....hopefully it feels a bit better today.
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Oh Denise, Sounds as though some of the luck from our side of the world is emigrating!! Be strong and this is a chance to get some rest??? Derek will be just fine...maybe you will be challenged in the kitchen with his new skills that will inevitably have to be nurtured.

All the best for a quick and speedy recovery...UGH!!!

Got some GOOD books?
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