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I was looking at a what's for dinner post from last year and you mentioned
pumpkin & ricotta stuffed shells with a sage cream sauce.

How did they turn out? Do you still have the recipe? That sounds dynamite! Thx.
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That does sound good!
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Geez, I remember making them and they were fabulous. but, now I have no idea where I got the recipe, and will have to try to duplicate it from memory.
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No, that's ok Lorraine! I was just asking in case it was handy. I did find a recipe that might be similar.

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Trixxee, I did find the thread where Lorraine talked about the dish -

but, it looks like she & Gil did it for a job - maybe they still have the recipe/instructions in their files.
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Thanks Jean. I was looking at that same thread (for the winter pork stew) and saw Lorraine mention it.

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