Port Angeles
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Ok so had a wonderful time visiting with Jean and Roy and Bob and Sharon!! Here are a few of the pics showing our visit.

Derek as our photographer gets a picture of the gang
[Image: 2012-10-17165155.jpg]

Our first course was the appetizers
[Image: 2012-10-17165821.jpg]

Our Menu for this evening was a wonderful tasting of pork bellies in all their glory!
[Image: 2012-10-17170028.jpg]

Hoisin Pork Bellies
[Image: 2012-10-17172919.jpg]

Amuse Bouche Pork Belly with Caramel Miso then Pork Belly with Harvest Grains
[Image: 2012-10-17175727.jpg]

[Image: 2012-10-17183452.jpg]

Emeril's New Orleans Style Pork Belly

[Image: 2012-10-17193017.jpg]

And last, but not least a To Die For Pasta Carbonara with Pork Bellies

[Image: 2012-10-17201626.jpg]

Then it was off to Harbinger Winery for a cheese paired wine tasting. I forgot to write down all the cheeses so I'm going to rely on Jean to fill in the blanks. Jean also brought a wonderful white bean and goat cheese dip and shrimp confit in duck fat.
[Image: 2012-10-18120751.jpg]

I even got put to work!
[Image: 2012-10-18122837.jpg]

Am I the only one that salivates when viewing this?

[Image: 2012-10-18123723.jpg]

Then it was time to head home and make pizza's! You must first begin with a festival of cheeses.
[Image: 2012-10-18180902.jpg]

To get these end results -
[Image: 2012-10-18183020.jpg]

[Image: 2012-10-18184400.jpg]

[Image: 2012-10-18185901.jpg]

Now Derek and I were staying out in the beautiful trailer which was a lot of fun!! Got a nice taste of what a good time can be had...then I got the munchies. What to do, I didn't want to go back in the house so started to look around and looked up and thought huh...how about goose?

[Image: 2012-10-20082115.jpg]

[Image: 2012-10-20082030.jpg]

Mmmmm roast goose

For those that have not had the opportunity to visit with us here, do so!! You will have such great fun!!
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OMG, what a menu, what fun, where was I?? Not fair!!! No, I'm just envious--looks like so much fun!!! P.S--Get Derek in a picture!!! That's the way I always end up--taking pictures--no one knew I was there!!
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What he said! All of it! I'm so jealous!
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Oh my God, Denise that is so funny!!! No wonder Gert was shivering when we went out to shut up the trailer....you beasts!!!

What fun we had and are continuing to have...
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ROTFLMAO!!!! Those pictures are great! What a great "holiday" this has been. We're still at it. Back to reality tomorrow
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Wow, just wow! Looks like a totally wonderful time I so wish I could've been there
Oh and poor Gert
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That looks amazing. How much fun you must have had. Now you must recuperate so you can do it again.
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Great photo journey, Denise.......y'all had too much fun---AIN'T FAIR!!!
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  Re: Re: Port Angeles by Roxanne 21 (Great photo journey,...)
Poor Gert! It is like the culinary version of Flat Stanley!

You guys must have had so much fun! And ate so much good food! We are drooling with envy!
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Lol I took a flat Stanley for Laura's class to Italy wouldn't that be a fun project for here! Start a chain that sends him to all who want to play and see how many food adventures he has. We could include a journal with him for folks to make notes and blog his entire adventure.

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