C@H issues on DVD
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Did you all see? They are offering all back issues 1-96 on DVD. $79.00 and additional issues $49.00. C@H Back Issues
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What a great idea! I really want this!

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How cool! I wonder if they'll do yearly updates? For us it would be much easier to carry DVD's than all the magazines, and most of mine are in storage in ND.
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DVD? It's 2012.

What I *really* would like is to have access to back issues via the iPad.

Still, very cool. I wish they provided more info on the format - is it PDF files that are just searchable or is it more interactive for browsing, searching and printing.
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I have similar questions, Andy. I would spend the $$$ if it was versatile. Sometimes I think C@H is a little behind the technology curve though.
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Customer service responded saying they are PDF files. So it should be possible to put them into iBooks on the iPad for use, but certainly not as clean as a dedicated app.

I really do like having the print version. I just hate searching thru six plus years of magazines to find something.

I hope the PDF DVD is a first step towards a digital future.
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I talked with them about this today. It is all PDF files with an index you can use to look up which magazine to go to. Each magazine is listed with cover. You are right in that they are a little behind in the IT field. Laptops are starting to not have DVD drives at all. They said I could download to my computer and copy to a Flash drive. That way I can get on something that does not have DVD drive. The DVD is 853 M so would go on a small flash drive.
Even tho not interactive, it is a huge improvement over all the magazines. I can use it on laptop in kitchen and that will be quicker than going to the printed index and then to the magazine.....
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I just started my Christmas shopping today. I ordered two!

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There's PDF and there's PDF. Was there any mention of whether the PDF files contain copyable/pasteable text to allow users easy transfer to programs such as Living Cookbook, or are they only PDFs of the scanned images of the magazine pages (from which no text can be copied)? With so many forum users keeping track of tested (and other) recipes with such software, C@H should take that into account.
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I don't know about the dvd, but the digital version of the magazine through Nook is a epub. I did not renew my print subscription and bought the last issue for the iPad. Have not read it yet, but experimented and found you can copy and paste if you open it with Adobe Digital Editions instead of Nook. I also can copy and paste off the Nook on the iPad.

I put the epub file in my iTunes library under books. It synced and I can now open it under iBooks on my iPad and can copy, highlight, annotate, etc. I copied a section and pasted it in a message without problems.

If the DVD uses the same technology, then you should be able to copy and paste. I just read that the recipes are printable, so they could be printed to a file that would make them editable I imagine.

The question is what extension the file would have when you copy it from the dvd to the hard drive. I saw someone ordered it so hopefully they will report back on that. I hate it that this forum does not let you go back to a post and then come back without losing what you've written.

I saw that they have a 100% satisfaction warranty, so it should be returnable if you can't copy it in an usable form. I know Fine Cooking has offered the same thing in a dvd for years, but you can't copy anything from theirs. Of course it does not matter as all their recipes are readily available on their website and their iPad version is free with the print edition.

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