Turkey Trouble
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I was just going over my plans for this weekend and remembered my oven dilemma. The door to my oven is broken, and I've been using the little gas oven. (Why does everything break at once?, one half of my stove is gone, too!).

Anyway, there is NO WAY a turkey is going to fit in that oven! My grill is indirect heat and it will hold a constant temp. Is there any reason I couldn't or shouldn't use it as an oven for my turkey?
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I saw some show on The Food Network in the last few days that cooked a turkey on a grill. I wish I could remember which show it was or the particulars. I'll try to find it.

By the way, how much does the bird weigh?
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I haven't got it yet since I'm not cooking until the weekend. I usually get a 16-18 pounder.
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Would it fit if you removed the backbone and laid it flat in your roasting pan?

I've cooked a turkey in my bbq, but I had to also remove the backbone then because the warming tray in most bbq's wouldn't let me close the lid. The turkey was too tall.
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It's a pretty large grill, so the turkey will fit. William says he's done two Boston Butts in the oven in a foil pan smoothed to fit (the size made for turkeys). And it might fit, but to be honest, the more I think about it, the convenience of freeing up the oven for the sweet potatoes, green bean casserole (I know, but BG loves the stuff), and dressing, is really enticing.
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Not to mention how yummy the turkey will be!
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I'm thinking bacon on the grill the day before would send it over the top?
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Bacon makes everything harmonious might even lay a few pieces over the breast to keep it moist for the longer cook times.
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Your grill will work great, Daphne, especially if you have enough burners to be able to do indirect heat.

Another idea just to toss out - How about cooking the turkey in parts the day before (legs & thighs, half the breast at a time, slice and platter the turkey and heat up on Thursday? If you have an unused burner on your stove, the turkey platter can be placed over simmering water and kept nicely for an hour or so while you finish up other goodies in the oven.

That trick (keeping turkey warm over simmering water) came from no one else, but Julia!!!
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Wait, wait, wait... What is this tip?

Put the turkey pieces on a platter, cover with foil, place on top of a simmering pan of water? Right on top of the pan of water? Double boiler style? On the stove?

Is that right?
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