Exploring Redding, California
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What a wonderful day and I had no idea this gorgeous bridge even existed!! It's called the Sundial Bridge -

The Sundial Bridge is a cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge, similar to Calatrava's earlier design of the Puente del Alamillo in Seville, Spain (1992). This type of bridge does not balance the forces by using a symmetrical arrangement of cable forces on each side of its support tower; instead, it uses a cantilever tower, set at a 42-degree angle[9] and loaded by cable stays on only one side. This design requires that the spar resist bending and torsional forces and that its foundation resists overturning. While this leads to a less structurally efficient structure, the architectural statement is dramatic. The bridge is 700 feet (213 m) in length and crosses the river without touching the water, a design criterion that helps protect the salmon spawning grounds beneath the bridge.[10] The cable stays are not centered on the walkway but instead divide the bridge into a major and minor path.

The cable for the bridge totals 4,342 feet and was made in England. The dial of the sundial and a small plaza beneath the support tower are decorated with broken white tile from Spain. The bridge's deck is surfaced with translucent structural glass from Quebec, which is illuminated from beneath and glows aquamarine at night. The steel support structure of the bridge was made in Vancouver, Washington and transported in 40-foot sections by truck to Redding.

The support tower of the bridge forms a single 217 foot (66 metre) mast that points due north at a cantilevered angle, allowing it to serve as the gnomon of a sundial; it has been billed as the world's largest sundial,[6][7] although Taipei 101 and the associated sundial design of its adjoining park are much larger. The Sundial Bridge gnomon's shadow is cast upon a large dial to the north of the bridge, although the shadow cast by the tower is exactly accurate on only one day in a year – the summer solstice, June 20 or 21. The time is given as Pacific Daylight Time. The tip of the shadow moves at approximately one foot per minute so that the Earth's rotation about its axis can be seen with the naked eye.[8]

Fisherman on the river

We had lunch at Tapas Restaurant & Bar - neat place and so friendly...good food

Roy’s Open faced Pork Belly BLT

My Tapas Nachos with Mango salsa

Churros - we had to try them. Pretty good.

Ended up bringing most of my nachos home, so we'll have a nacho pizza this morning. Buttermilk (???) pizza dough has been aging in the fridge for 2 days - never used dry buttermilk in dough before, so we'll see. And, have lots of churros leftover for later too!!

If you get to this area, the Sundial Bridge is really something to see! Sorry this is so long, but thought some would be intrested in the background.
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Very interesting! Nice pictures Jean.
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Lol I have been thru Redding I can't count now many times, and never knew that was there I guess next time we need to get off the freeway. Was the chocolate sauce made with the Mexican chocolate?

And where are you off to next?
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Us too, Denise - we'd never seen it either - it is spectacular!

Yes, Mexican chocolate and a little cayenne/hotness.

We haven't decided where next. The RV park screwed up our fees twice ( ), and ended up giving us a free night, so we aren't going anywhere until Tuesday. A storm is supposed to be coming in on Thursday. We're at the park you and Derek stayed and I love it - can't see a thing but trees and bushes and sunshine. We'll come back, that's for sure.
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Beautiful!!! Impressive!!! Great photography, and the jet trail at 45 degrees is a great job of framing and accent. It could be inspiration for a story.
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Wow, Jean----awesome pics and an interesting story---Redding is absolutely beautiful---home of the Bill Gates clan???? I hope to visit there some day----or maybe reside there!!!! AND then ya'all can come and visit!!!
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Gorgeous pictures, Jean! Thanks for posting them. Glad you two are enjoying beautiful weather as well.

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Redding is very nice, but I am biased and think Chico is prettier. If you keep going south and stop if Chico, take the Sierra Nevada brewery tour. I found it really interesting even though I'd done brewery tours before (and great brews if you like beer, which I don't). It's free, and the restaurant is pretty nice. I am still in Boston, so I am sorry I can't be a tour guide.
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I was just wondering about you two this morning. "Where are Jean and Roy, and what exactly are they up to on their adventure?"

Thanks for the updates! Keep em' coming. I love it!
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Thanks for the info, Alina. We've been to Chico quite a bit but haven't taken that tour. Will make a note of it.

We're just pluggin' along, Laura.
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