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My not quite 9 month old grandson gets very frustrated because he can not crawl yet. He wants to go where his 2 year old sister goes, so he's devised a way. I posted a short video on my Facebook page which I think is pretty clever and funny. I thought it might bring a smile is you check it out.
  Re: OT-Resourcefullness by Cubangirl (My not quite 9 month...)
Ok I went and looked but I don't see anything since Nov 8th.
  Re: Re: OT-Resourcefullness by DFen911 (Ok I went and looked...)
Can I just do a search for "Cubangirl" on Facebook? Or Alina?
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  Re: Re: OT-Resourcefullness by cjs (Can I just do a sear...)
Didn't see it, Alina.
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  Re: Re: OT-Resourcefullness by farnfam (Didn't see it, Alina...)
Ok, I reposted it again and can see it on my timeline. Sorry about the problems.
  Re: Re: OT-Resourcefullness by Cubangirl (Ok, I reposted it ag...)
Alina, I still don't see it.
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  Re: Re: OT-Resourcefullness by Gourmet_Mom (Alina, I still don't...)
Me either...did you change or have another FB page? Still shows the last thing posted on it was Nov 8th about your mom landing safe.
  Re: Re: OT-Resourcefullness by DFen911 (Me either...did you ...)
Sorry don't know how to fix it and DD does not want me to make it public. Did you try refresing the page and sorting by most recent? I find that sometimes I don't get new stuff until I do that.
  Re: Re: OT-Resourcefullness by Cubangirl (Sorry don't know how...)
Yep tried that you must it listed as private only?
  Re: Re: OT-Resourcefullness by DFen911 (Yep tried that [img]...)
Yes it is only for friends not public. Sorry, was not thinking, just wanted to share.

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