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So at a local farmers market they have these dehydrated veggies in a bag - green beans, carrots, beets, squash, taro root and I am in love with them!

But they are pricey. So I figured why can't I make my own? On the ingredients it lists the veggies, canola oil and sea salt. I am assuming they are doing them in a oven. My oven, however, will not go lower than about 275-300 (it's old).

So I thought why not a dehydrator? But can you use the oil in them so the salt sticks, or for added flavor?

Do any of you use a dehydrator and like them?
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I love mine, but mostly use it to make beef sticks for Ron (usually with venison and a small amount of beef) and to dry strips of venison for jerky. They go into a marinade overnight, then get dried the next day.

I have dried herbs in it when we had an abundance, and also tomatoes. I'll get my book out in the a.m. and see what's recommended for drying other veggies, as it sounds like a good snack food.

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My dehydrator never stops in late summer - I think I have mentioned before that I always dry cherry tomatoes. I half them (a little tedious), and lightly salt them, and then lay them out cut side up in the dehydrator. I don't use oil and the salt seems to stick fine, but then I don't use a whole lot of salt.

I have dried apple slices and pear slices when the crops were in abundance; dry all my parsley, oregano and basil each summer; dried onions for use in soups and stews; carrots and celery not so successfully. Never thought about green beans or beets. After the tomatoes are dried I store them in glass jars - great for munching or adding to chili or sauce.
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I got my dehydrator on Craig's list and I love it. I'd love to do more with it, like you all do.

I have never thought of doing onions or anything like that. I have done hot peppers.Then I grind them to a fine powder and sprinkle on food, eggs, pizza, or chili.

This could be an interesting thread. It could give me some ideas for the garden next year too!

I hope others weigh in on this subject.
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Hmmm, I haven't drug mine out for a number of years - hope I still have it. This is interesting.
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According to the recipe guide from Nesco, this is what they recommend:

Choose fresh crisp vegetables, wash thoroughly and remove any blemishes. Peel, trim, core, and/or slice evenly. (for better drying)

Most vegetables must be blanched, either by steaming over boiling water or in the microwave to slow the enzyme action which will continue during drying and storage. Water blanching is not recommended because of the loss of water soluble vitamins and minerals.

Note: Blanching softens the cell structure, allowing the moisture to escape more easily and also allows vegetables to rehydrate faster. There is no need to blanch onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms or herbs. Blanch for 1/3 to 1/2 or normal cooking time, so that they are heated through, but not cooked.

The book does not say anything about using oil, but does mention dipping fruits in honey before sprinkling with coconut, nuts, or granola. I completely forgot about drying fruit, but I have done apple slices and the kids love them. You can also do fruit leather is you have the proper screen accessory. Have fun!

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I have dehydrated lots and lots of stuff. I sorta wish I had brought it with me. I think mine is American Harvest - and it's over 40 years old and last time I used it it was perfect.
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So are most of you using the Nesco dehydrator?
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I haven't used one. William got one for Christmas two years ago from YS. Then got a jerky book last year (hoping Dad would use it). He took it home with him Sunday....LOL! Sad but true. I'm hoping to get it back when I retire, so I can play with it.
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Well, duh, forgot about the green peppers - I do those too! I have jars and jars of them, perfect for again, chilis or sauces, when I make a tomato based swiss steak, or chicken cacciatore. I have also done sliced mushrooms, now that I think about it.

I got my dehydrator probably five years ago from Cabelas. Before that, kid you not, we were using a home made one my dad made for me. I used that for twenty years until the motor finally burned out.

Blanching might be why the carrots did not work successfully for me, I did not do that. I would bet that the beets, sliced thin and salted lightly would be pretty darn tasty as a snack, and I am not a huge beet fan, but those sound kind of good to me.

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