Brown Butter Apple Tarte Tatin Cake with Pears
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I have been going through my old paper issues of C@H before I give them away Since I know have the archive DVD. I saw this recipe in from 10/2006 #59 and it looks wonderful. I have 2 questions.

Has any one made and if so, is it as good as it looks? The second is I have about 9 large Bartlett pears I need to use. Do you think I could sub the pears for the apples?

I have also considered subbing pears in my favorite Apple Pie Bar Cookies, but think DH would like this better. I also planning to make Ina's Pear and Apple Crisp.

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I haven't made it (it sure looks good!) and everyone knows I'm not a baker, but my only thought would be that it would work best if the pears were very firm???
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Darn, I thought that I made that, this one is the one that I did make- Sunshine pear Betty from issue 79 (August 2009 page 27).

You shouldn't have any problems subbing pears for apples.
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Thank you both. I ended up making my regular CI upside down apple cake but with just pears because it is super easy, requires no mixer. It was a comedy of errors, since not only were the pears way too ripe to slice evenly, I found I was out of sour cream after I started, then realized I had no Greek yogurt either. So I subbed Mascarpone cheese. It worked ok as far as I can tell. However, the pears were so ripe, that when I turned it over, the whole thing slid through the holes in the cooling rack. Thankfully it was not a criss-cross one. I had put a pie dish under it, so it slid into that. I put it in the fridge and you could actually cut a slice, but cake and topping were one. The pears did not go to waste and the mascarpone needed to be used as well. Pretty good with ice cream so I am calling it a success.

Lesson learned, if I ever have pears that ripe again, I'll just make pear sauce in the microwave. I will however, try the cake again with good pears as I think it would be great.

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