Dinner With the Millers!!
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Finally made it to Navasota and so worth the wait!! We'll be here for 4 nights and the plans we have for the entire visit would exhaust a sissy, but the four of us are up to the job!!!!

Jane immediately put together the first of a wonderful evening of food – Pesto topped Mussels

[Image: Feb22PesoMussels_zps4032161b.jpg]
[Image: Feb22Jane_zps77a16c6c.jpg]

And Lobster Salad topped Corn Cakes
[Image: Feb22LobsterSaladoncornCakes_zps18423335.jpg]

The Porchetta
[Image: Feb22Prochetts_zps9d0f4afa.jpg]

And, dinner – Potato-Fennel Gratin (which I could have made a meal of!) and baked tomatoes
[Image: Feb22OurEntree_zps7d22b88b.jpg]

For dessert – poached pears with Blue Bell ice cream and crumbles. Wonderful flavors.
[Image: Feb22WinePoachedPearwBlueBellIceCream_zpsc562e2ee.jpg]

And tho, Bill & Jane weren't real happy with the porchetta, the entire dinner was wonderful!
[Image: Feb22BillandJane_zps5424cacb.jpg]

tomorrow - Chapter II
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Wow what a spread!!! Bill and Jane I still say you two are too cute for words
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WOW - that is just beautiful. Porchetta needs to go on my bucket list! If the Fennel Potato Gratin is like the one I made last year I know how you feel. We made enough for 8 and Bob, Jeff, Chad, and I cleaned up the entire thing. Baked tomatoes sound so good, and those pears . . . OMG!

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Looks wonderful. Mmmmmmmmmm
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Everything looks top notch! (Yes, you guys are too cute)!
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Wow, that is some spread and so beautifully done! I agree with the rest, Bill and Jane, you two are adorable!

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They are just as cute as they look, too! Great meal, you guys! I can't wait to hear all the wonderful things you guys cook up!
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Amazing! I can't wait to see the rest! Maybe we should all just meet at Bill and Jane's for our trip!
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Wow! What an amazing meal.

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