Amazing Soup Diet by Good Housekeeping
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I will post a link to this for you all. But what is intriguing about this soup is that, first you make a batch of the Basic Soup Recipe which is a hearty vegetable soup. It is 45 calories per cup and you can eat all you want, blah, blah, blah...

THE BEST part is Good Housekeeping teamed up with the likes of Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, and a few others to make a few low cal changes that transform the 'Basic Soup' recipe.

By using 2 Cups of the basic soup and adding a few ingredients, you have a whole different soup!

Other soups are: : Minestrone Soup, Mexican Chicken Soup, Greek Fish Stew, Southwest Chili, Thai Shrimp Soup, Goulash, Red Beans and Rice Stew, and Vegetable Curry Soup.

Good Housekeeping - Amazing All You Can Eat Soup Recipe
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Interesting - I do this quite often using the boxed Roasted Pepper and Tomato soup and adding different goodies. Love that stuff!!
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There was one similar years ago, but this one sounds more interesting. Shame it has already gotten to warm for soup here. But I wouldn't trade my good weather for ANYTHING! It will all too sone be too many mosquitoes and way too hot for anything! LOL!
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I remember when this was posted two years ago. I only ever made the basic soup, but it was delicious.
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Well, i have certainly copied this one. If I can use this to replace one meal a day or one of those late-night snacks I might make some progress. I will let you know
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