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Chef Tom Hoover is an old C2Cer - and he posted the following this a.m. on facebook. What a hoot!!

I just found out that a local greasy spoon I used to frequent is going to be the subject of Robert Irvine's show "Restaurant Rescue" or some such ( I don't watch Food net or Cooking channel so the title's probably not right). Anyway, it should be fun watching Irvine put his biceps to converting the "Calico Kitchen" into someplace people can go and not die. It's been more than 25 years since I ate there. The "Calico" is one of those breakfast anytime dives that catered to the after last call and the afternoon hangover sort of crowd. Enormous plates of eggs, hashbrowns, sausages, bacon, etc. for almost no money. Coffee that doubled as paint stripper. All served in an atmosphere somewhere between abandoned pole barn and run down grain elevator. I can't really attest to the quality of the fare because it was always apres last call and I was usually so drunk that Subway could have passed for the French Laundry as far as I could tell. The Calico was the only aggressively Hillbilly themed restaurant outside of Cracker Barrel I knew of, only the Calico wasn't trying to be that way on purpose; it just was. The menu was composed in ballpoint, then mimeographed (remember those?)and put into homemade menu holders. The spelling of items was a treat. Eggs were always referred to as "Hen Aigs", pork was "Pok", The word "with" came out as "wif". Omelettes were "Omlets". And on and on. I think this will be must see TV watching for me. Irvine's probably seen worse, but I'm guessing it's gonna be memorable for him anyway.
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Hmmm, it doesn't seem to me as though Claico Kitchen needs to be rescued! We all had that sort of place on our radar at one point or another in our lives, haven't we?

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How fun Jean! I love that show and now I will watch this episode and relay your funny post to Brad while I do!
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I can't wait to see this one! I'll be watching for it! Thanks for sharing, Jean. This background knowledge will make it even better!
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