Balinese pork belly
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On last night's episode of the Australian cooking show called My Kitchen Rules, One couple made a pork-belly version of a Balinese (Indonesian) dish called "Babi Guling," that usually involves a whole pig.

Check out the combination of spices in the paste they rolled up inside the pork belly in their recipe.


[Image: danstephmainbabiguling0.jpg]
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Oh man, I bet those flavors would just be wonderful!!!
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The flavors sound incredible - minus the sausage.
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Yeah, I'm not so sure about the sausage, myself, since I've never tried blood sausage, black pudding, morcilla, or whatever it may be called.

The judges on the show loved it. One particularly hard-nosed judge (not just a critic, but a chef with his own restaurant) said that he new lots of professional chefs who would have a hard time making a blood sausage that good.

That particular team of contestants is the married couple, Dan and Steph. Steph didn't cook much before meeting Dan, who has his own (amateur) smokehouse, has made 100+ types of sausage and would like to sell his sausages from a food truck, someday.

The pork-belly recipe was what they cooked as the main course in their semi-final match and it advanced them to the finals. The winners get $250,000.
If blueberry muffins have blueberries in them, what do vegan muffins have?

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