Latin Pork Pernil vs. Carnitas?
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I was just going through some old issues and came across "Latin Pork Pernil" in issue 75 (June 09). Is there much of a difference between Pernil and Carnitas? The only thing I think I'm seeing that is different is there is paprika in the pernil and no OJ.

Labs? I'm sure you will have some input!
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doesn't pork pernil call for oranges or juice?
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Not this particular C@H recipe. And honestly, I never heard Pernil before.
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Most of the carnitas around here have a couple oranges thrown in with the pork to cook. I don't have that issue with me and I haven't heard that spelling - I frequently make Cochinita Pibil which is marinated in sour orange juice - but it's roasted.
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Pernil is not a recipe, but a cut: the haunch or upper leg, although a typical, traditional recipe does use orange juice.

Pibil is a technique: wrapped in banana leaves and cooked underground (although it could be barbecued or roasted it the underground part isn't practical). Orange juice or sour orange juice is common.

Carnitas may be made with many different cuts (or organs), but is typically the shoulder (Boston butt) and is much like pulled pork, except it is traditionally fried in lard in copper pots. Oranges and orange juice are added later in the cooking.
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Thanks Labs - knew you would know!
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I thought I would add that legs (fresh ham) are leaner and drier than the pork shoulder (Boston Butt) thus legs benefit from the marinade and moister cooking. I like citrus flavors for most roast pork cuts, so I always use a combo of orange and lime juices regardless of final prep.

Pernil . I found the discussion very interesting. I hate it when names are misused without awknowledging changes. E.g., my worst pet peeve, a Cuban sandwich with turkey and cheddar. it is a sandwich, but not a Cuban sandwich.

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