Sausage and Fennel Orzotto?
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Has anyone made this dish before? I couldn't find any mention of it (not much of a stretch with my finely honed search skills). Just saw it in one of the issues and it's calling out to me.
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No but I think we should! Ok so off to the store for fennel and sausage
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I've made a similar recipe with arborio rice and loved it! I'll have to gove this one a try, too.
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This looks really. I really like fennel. Just made a soup with Italian sausage and fennel
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It's calling my name and I'll have homemade sausage in a few days!! Note made.

Looking over the recipe I'm sure I'll use spicy sausage and only about 1/2 lb. to lower the nutritional values without losing the flavor.
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