Monday Dinner - 6/3/13
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Jean must be on the road having too much fun! I am finally making Maryann's b-day dinner. Really looking forward to it (and because I need to use it, may add a couple of avocado slices). Seems like it would "go".
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I had a hamburger craving, so we're giving Quadruple Chili Cheeseburgers a try. I'll serve them with fresh fruit.
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I don't think you can go wrong with that idea, Karyn!
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I'm typing from my ipad and it's a pain in the ...... My laptop isn't working, so will just keep an eye on things thru this.

May add a WOW once in a while when I can't stand the silence!!!
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I picked up a beautiful thick rib-eye for the grill and make a salad to go with. Also, thinking a grill-roasted baked potato would be good. Weather turned chilly here and sure woke up the appetite.

Trixxee, I was thinking the same thing about the avocado for next time.

Karyn, that burger sounds delicious. (maybe a bit hot) Did you happen to notice that there are actually 5 peppers in the recipe if you include the pepperjack cheese. If you have a chance, please stop back in and let us know if you liked it and if it was too hot.

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I've had a real hankering for Huevos Rancheros Omelets and I'm in luck, that's what I'm cooking tonight.

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