OT: Mimosa's big day
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Thursday, I take Mimosa to the vet to be spayed and her brother (Odie, who lives with my doctor friend) to be neutered.

Hope I'll be able to keep her calm for the 7-10 days of post-op recovery. Don't want her to charge around as she sometimes likes to do.

Also, it's good that mayflies are short-lived and are already gone, so she won't be trying THIS afterwards.
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I wish them both a speedy recovery! and I am sure she will rock the cone of shame
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It is always so hard. but the right thing to do. Don't ease up on the cone of shame. It is necessary and good in the long run.

She and her brother will do well.
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She's attacking those Mayflies! Get'em Mimsy...

Yes, well wishes for a speedy recovery to Mimosa and her brother.
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Oh, I feel your pain. Don't you just hate having to do that. But, it is so necessary these days.

My puppies, although mostly female, seemed to know that they had to pace themselves after surgery. Mimosa will probably sleep a lot for a few days. Her brother will probably just let everyone know how frustrating it is to wear that cone.

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Hope Mimosa is faring well, as is Dad.
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Good thoughts for Mimosa and her brother. I have a feeling Dad will have the hardest time with this. LOL
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Probably right, Sharon. LOL!

They both seemed to do well. When we went to pick them up, Mimosa was already moving around a LOT. It made me wonder how I'd handle 7-10 days (so most of the info said) of trying to keep her from moving around too much - especially with the running and jumping that she loves so much.

The stuff I had read said to take it easy with the food the first night and that she may experience some nausea, so I gave her about 1/3 the amount of food I would normally give her and she did well, with no sign of nausea. Of course, she was very happy to get a good drink of water, as well.

Both the vet and my doctor friend said something similar to what Maryann said, including "They won't do something if the pain is too much - which was also the reply when I asked why they DIDN'T get those cone/collars.

Mimosa did, finally, go to sleep, though, and is napping beside me as I type this.

To help, over night, I have borrowed a backpack-style pet carrier from my next-door neighbours so that she won't try to run around or jump up or down, and I'll have her sleep in it near my bed so I can hear if she needs to go out or has any other complaints.

Thanks for all of your comments and wishes.
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When we did the newfs, we referred to the cones as satellite dishes, we were sure they were getting signals from space they were so big! They kept running into everything - me, the woodpile, the doorways! There was no tucking them into a backpack!

I am sure she will come through just fine with your attention and loving.
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Happy to hear Mimosa and her brother are recovering
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