We are RETIRED!!!!
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After 28 years of service in uniform, my hubby Steve is Retired. Official retirement date is 1 Sept. BUT he outprocessed today and leave starts and runs up to retirement day. WE ARE DONE!!!!! YEA! Lots of Caps and exclamations - I am shouting from the rooftops.

(Now lets hope we survive each other at home... )
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Get ready, Erin!!! It's a real transition for you all! But,how fun! Congratulations!
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Now be careful of Jean's influence.
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Steve, Thank you for your service! And you , Erin and kids for your support and love. I watched Steve deploy at least twice. Can't believe we have all been part of this little Internet family that long. Well deserved retirement! Now, Come see us!!
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Hearing this just made my day! Major congrats and as I said on FB thank Steve for his years of dedication, and thank you for yours. Because he had such a wonderful wife he was able to stay focused when he needed to. You both should be very proud
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Thanks to Steve for his service to our country, and to you for supporting him! Congratulations to your entire family. Enjoy!!!
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Alright Erin!! Congrats to all and have a great time!

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Congrats and thank you very much for what you did for all of us and kudos to your family for helping him do it. Now have fun before you all decide what to do when you grow up.

PS, I have a Steve as well.
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Oh Erin, what great news! Congratulations all around. Thank you, Steve, for your many years of service and thank you, Erin, for being a strong and supportive wife and mother, so that your husband could serve our country. Big hugs for all of you! Now go have a wonderful celebration!

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Wonderful news! Thanks to both of you, Steve who served and Erin who kept the home fires burning. A tough job on both fronts. Enjoy!


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