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So in preparation for my SIL's birthday dinner I've started to bake a variety of cookies, most new recipes. Last week I made Oatmeal, Golden Raisin and Milk Chocolate and Thin Crispy Chewy Chocolate Chip both from Kate Zuckerman, and both excellent, particularly the latter. On a whim, I decided to sub part of the AP flour in the Oatmeal ones with coconut flour. I was very pleased with the result. So now I want to try using garbanzo flour. Has anyone played with subbing flours (other than whole wheat). Trying to be a little healthier, but don't need gluten-free. Also has anyone made and/or used date syrup in place of some of the sugar?
I am going to be making Ina's Double Chocolate Almond Cookies and my old fave Apricots and Cream Cookies next.

Earlier today, I was trying to find both a shrimp and a cucumber prep recipe (i.e., ingredients for marinating shrimp that I will use in a salad and salting cucumbers before using in salad). Those of you that have cooking software, do you have section/chapter/recipe type for prep recipes? It took me a while to find the recipe that had the part that I needed (yes, probably have way too many recipes). I have some of this type of info in my Techniques section, but these are really part one of a recipe. There is probably a better name, but...
So my thought was that as I came across the next one (e.g. zucchini and tomatoes come to mind), I'd make a copy of the "prep" part and put it in its own section. Do any of you do this, have a better way? Hope this makes sense.

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I have played with garbanzo flour and I still have some in the freezer at home. I just looked thru MasterCook and can't find a recipe that looks familiar, so can't remember what I did with it. Seems like it was some kind of bread sticks or fries (?) hmmmmm.

I have a 'book' in both MasterCook and Living Cookbook titled "Not Necessarily a Recipe" that I store all kinds of methods and such. In most of my cookbooks I also add a section usually titled "The Pantry" that I add sub-recipes (if you will) for prepping ingredients needed in recipes in the other parts of the books.
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Thanks Jean. I have a chapter called homemade ingredients for things like making crème fraîche, homemade baking mixes, converting 1% milk to whole, etc.

The ones above are more techniques, as opposed to make ahead (e.g., cooked brown rice for salads), and I have them under techniques, but those don't transfer to the iPad app. Most of them are CI's way, though I use them in all recipes, so maybe I should have a chapter called CI's Way.
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There you go, Alina.
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