Fun Kitchen Day
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I sure had fun yesterday in the kitchen.

Started out working with the sourdough starter that I've been increasing for a couple days. Marlene "daCook" from the Yukon says to be sure to dry out some of your starter to have on hand in case (or when) your starter goes wrong for some reason.

Don't know how many days this takes, but it really soggy out so hopefully it will still dry.

Sourdough starter drying
[Image: Jun23dryingsourdough3_zps2fc225c8.jpg]

[Image: Jun23dryingsourdough2_zps7546bbe7.jpg]

I used some of the starter to try a new pizza dough recipe that yielded 5 8.5-oz. rounds. I'm going to try making hoagies out of some of it today.

Then - guess what my secret santa choice will be receiving in the Christmas pkg!!!!

Rhubarb and Jalapeno Jam
[Image: Jun22RhubarbampJalapenoJam_zpsde5dd018.jpg]

Finished off the day by smoking another 1/2 chicken and some veggies. I think the leftover chicken will be a Buffalo chicken pizza today or tomorrow.

Whew, what a fun and productive day. Thanks Sharon for reminding me I would have a 2nd batch of rhubarb after Roy denuded all the plants for his wine last month!
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I used to freeze "plops" of sourdough and them bag them up for long term freezer storage.

Mine is fed, bread will be made today . . . and Wed. morning I'll be making pancakes from the absolute best sourdough pancake recipe in the world on Wed morning for my "guys".
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Did you ever post on what you did withy the chocolate dough you made?
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How long is that suppose to take, Jean? I think maybe I would prefer the freezing idea...

Your jam looks yummy!

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Sharon & I got so busy with other food, I stuck the chocolate pie dough in the freezer....guess I'd better get it out and see if it can be saved.

Marlene didn't say how long and I gues she wouldn't be able to with the differences in humidity, etc. After 24 hours, it's just a tad tacky, so don't suppose it will be too many days.

I may try freezing some starter, but I really like the idea of pkging it up and just store it in the pantry rather than getting lost in the bowels of my freezers as things are want to do around here.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.

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