Wedensday's Dinner, 8/7/13???
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Hump Day - does anyone else get such a big kick out of the hump day camel????? Love it.

What's on everyone's menu for today??

I have three sauces to test on chicken and I have a whole bag of chicken wings from a butchering day, so I'll be testing them out.
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  Re: Wedensday's Dinner, 8/7/13??? by cjs (Hump Day - does anyo...)
Oh James adores that camel, and he does a great imitation of him too. Last few Wednesdays he's been doing it at work and at home and cracking everyone up!
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  Re: Re: Wedensday's Dinner, 8/7/13??? by farnfam (Oh James adores that...)
Many of those Geico ads can be lame and annoying, but I DO like some of them and that camel is great. Plus, I think anyone who has worked in an office knows a co-worker whom that camel impersonates perfectly. LOL!
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  Re: Re: Wedensday's Dinner, 8/7/13??? by labradors (Many of those Geico ...)
I LOVE that commercial!

Still cleaning, but the end is in site! That said, I'm stumped for dinner.
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I think I might have Tony just pick up something to go. Michael cracked his neck this morning (as he has been told not to a million times) and now he has a really bad stiff neck and I don't think I want to leave him alone to go grocery shopping.
  Re: Re: Wedensday's Dinner, 8/7/13??? by Trixxee (I think I might have...)
Too bad about Michael, I hope he recovers quickly.

For lunch today I'm making poached king salmon (en Papillote) with asparagus. Dinner will be Steakhouse mushroom burgers with creamed spinach sauce and a side of French Fries.
  Re: Re: Wedensday's Dinner, 8/7/13??? by losblanos1 (Too bad about Michae...)
I have some leftover chicken to use up, so we're having a Chinese Chicken Salad tonight.

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  Re: Re: Wedensday's Dinner, 8/7/13??? by Mare749 (I have some leftover...)
Poor Michael! I hope he feels better soon.

We're having chicken and pepper in black bean sauce tonight. It's one of John's favorites. I'm serving it with brown rice.
  Re: Re: Wedensday's Dinner, 8/7/13??? by karyn (Poor Michael! I hope...)
Thanks guys. So far ice and advil/tylenol hasn't done a whole lot. I'm just glad school isn't in session yet. If he's not somewhat better tomorrow, I don't know if I should take him to the doctor or just go straight to a chiro? I don't have a lot of experience with neck issues.
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Right now I'd go for Chiro Trixee. I went in yesterday and got stuff "rearranged" and feel a lot better.

I did "bar food" last night (all day shopping & tired). We started with pizza egg rolls (a solid 9), grilled potatoes and grilled steak for chopped steak sandwiches with Denises' Quickles! Yum

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