Monday's Dinner, 8/12/13??
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What's on the menu for everyone today??

I'm making a salmon carbonara from some l/o salmon and a green salad.
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Salmon carbonara sounds really good and interesting.

If I get to the store today for shrimp, I think I will make the shrimp with sundried tomatoes, basil and garlic.

If not, then I will make linguine with clam sauce, again.
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After seeing those clamshell mushrooms, I'm craving a simple pasta dish with olive oil and veggies.

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The kids left earlier today. The house is so quiet! I got all the linens and floors done, and looking forward to a quiet evening on the deck with William. That being said, I decided to use up some stuff in the fridge....salad with shrimp and a simple burger left over from something the other day.
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I was undecided for most of the day then I noticed I had some sea legs in the refrigerator so I am making this and baked corn tostadas
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Okay, just what exactly are "sea legs" because I am allergic to them. Not life-threatening, but they do raise my skin color a lot.

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Well, I think they are made with halibut, but they do resemble crab. Not nearly as good as real crab, but for the Great White North, it is often the best we can do
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Halibut is way too expensive. "Sea Legs" is a brand of imitation crab (what some call "krab") and it is made from surimi - a paste of ground-up fish to which other spices and flavours are added. Surimi may be made of several different types of fish, but I think the most common for making imitation crab is pollock. Some other imitation-crab products actually say "pollock," instead of "surimi" on their ingredient labels.
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Today was the first day with kiddos for me. Even when it goes really well, which it did, I never sleep well the night before and am always exhausted at the end of the day. You'd think I'd outgrow first day jitters at some point!

Tonight we had a spice-rubbed grilled pork tenderloin with grilled salsa, grilled baby zucchini (my latest favorite find at TJ's), and Mexican rice from a box. Despite the long description, it was pretty easy and very tasty!

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