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Having a few friends and family over for a barbecue today. I seem to have forgotten some essentials. Do you rinse the chicken after the brining process? Do you barbecue the chicken, skin side down first or skin side up? How often should you turn the chicken?
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Yes, I always rinse after brining, Cis - Gotta say when I saw the title of your thread I thought, "OH NO, Cis dumped her grill again!!!!"

I start skin side down and get good browning on both sides and then depending on how hot your grill 'grills' turn down burner under the chicken or finish with indirect heat. I turn chicken halves ~15-20 minutes after browning. Chicken pieces, I turn 5 to 8 minutes.

Hope that helps and I'm sure others will have some ideas for you also.
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Ditto to what Jean said.
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Thanks friends, will follow your suggestions
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