Tuesday's Dinner, 8/20/13??
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What's on the menu for everyone today??

We're having a repeat from a couple days ago - chicken fajitas and maybe some Mexican rice.
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Not really following a real recipe but am making a steak and bean chili out of one lonely piece of top sirloin I found freezer diving. Will also make some corn bread. Nothing fancy. With school starting tomorrow, there won't be much "fancy" going on around here during the week.
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Workdays start tomorrow. Maybe a steak and potato would be better than a liquid diet, but it's tempting!
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We're having the Grilled Gyro Kebabs with Feta-Yogurt Spread and Greek Salsa from C@H 69. I'll serve it with the really good pita they make at the Jerusalem bakery. It's one of John's favorite burgers.
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That's funny Karyn - the greek burger with the feta sauce was the second thing calling my name. Maybe tomorrow!
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We love those gyro burgers, too.

Dinner tonight will be leftover BBQ chicken and whatever else I happen to pick up this afternoon.

Last day with Katie and Abby. They start school tomorrow. So, we are headed downtown this afternoon. I need to stop at Asia Foods for some soup ingredients, then I'm taking the girls to the library that is in the middle of downtown Cleveland. It's a huge building that spans four floors. Always leave me in awe.

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I have no clue. It's a work night . . . again. The "boys" got home from golf at 8:40 last night. Dinner was steamed. Me. Pork chops . . . I think.
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We're going to a concert in the park. I'm bringing wine, watermelon, a goat cheese appetizer and not sure what else. The couple we're going with is bringing lemon chicken, more wine and other tidbits. So basically a snack night
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That sounds like fun Denise. Classical, Country or Rock?

Tonight I'm making the BLT turkey burgers with romaine slaw from one of the grilling cookbooks.

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