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On Lab's recommendation, I ordered "Seven Fires" from my local library and picked it up today. I can tell already that we will want to own this book. Wow!

Decided to make an easy appy to go with Holly's dinner tonight, so picked up a few things this afternoon. Going to make "Burnt Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Anchovy Bruschetta.

The recipe calls for cherry tomatoes, cut in half and placed cut side down in a screaming hot cast iron skillet. Don't touch or move until you are sure they are charred, then place burnt side up on a plate at least 1" apart so they don't steam while you are finishing the bruschetta. To finish, just spread some goat cheese on toasted bread, top with tomatoes and garnish with anchovies followed by a drizzle of parsley, olive oil, and garlic sauce.

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Glad you like the book, Maryann. Lots of great info there.
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Oh Crap, I have to buy another book????????????????????

Those sound good, Maryann!!

Well, won't be getting it for awhile - even used ones start over $18.00
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I will have to check this one out from my library too! I love the sound of the recipe you shared... I am going to make them toot sweet!
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Sounds good! On my wish list!
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