Cookery Blogs?
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Does anyone have one or follow one?
I'm thinking of starting one, I've got 3 kids, 2 with allergies (that luckily they're growing out of now) and when they were younger it was hard coming up with ideas for what to cook that they could all eat, and over the years I've built up quite a few recipes.
I was thinking of doing a blog for busy moms, recipe ideas, that kind of thing, trying new recipes out.
I've no idea how to lay it out though, I can work a computer but I'm not good with design etc. Someone told me to go for one of the companies that do it all for you, this kind of thing but before I just go for the first one I see I wondered if you guys have any recommendations?
Any ideas for what you'd like to see would be good too. Thank you 1&1
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A few around here do have blogs and hopefully Denise will be here soon to give you lots of ideas of what to do.

Sounds like a good and fun idea. I do know they are a lot of work - much more than I thought!! I haven't visited my blog of a few years ago for quite some time.
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You don't even have to buy your own, special domain unless you want to. It's probably easier to start out on one of the free blog sites and see how it goes. Then, after a while, you could register a domain and set up your existing blog to use it.

The most popular blog sites are WordPress and Blogger (also called "BlogSpot").

Having assisted several people with setting up this kind of thing, I would say that WordPress is the easier and more flexible to use (and the people I have helped have been more satisfied with it than with Blogger). In addition, Blogger is from Google and they have been getting more and more infamous for privacy issues (e.g. their latest announcement that they will use your Google+ name and photo in advertising unless you opt out).

Thus, I would suggest signing up with WordPress, setting things up as you wish and then if you start getting enough traffic, go ahead and get a domain for it. Unless you really NEED something extra special (e.g. starting up a full-fledge web-based business), you don't need to get paid hosting, etc.

Have fun and be sure to post a link to your new blog here, once you have things up and running (which doesn't take long with WordPress - at least for the basics).
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I use WordPress for my blog -

It's excellent for the templates and being able to customize them. For you it would be good because you can classify the allergy and then put all related tips, tricks and recipes there.

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