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Here we sit, we're in the most beautiful RV park, deep in the redwoods in N. CA. May or may not have been our best decision but we wanted to be close to family. So far they aren't particularly wild about seeing us or . . .

Reality is that our internet sucks big time. We have another antenna on order . . . but we aren't sure if it will work any better than the one we're returning, we can just barely post anything so photos are out of the question. The cell phones don't work . . . we have to drive a few miles to get to a spot where we can make a call if it's important.

I am not sure I'll be on here much until we get back to the real world . . . or perhaps we'll just choose to stay "off the grid" for a while. It's just so beautiful and peaceful here. The work is harder than I'm used to, and I swear I will never throw another bath towel on the floor in a motel room again.

Jean, now that Bob and I are on our own we are going to make use of a lot of your ideas - and will be freezing and planning ahead for meals without providing meals for extra folks. It's 80 miles to a decent (dare I say affordable) grocery store so organization is even more important. Fresh produce is hugely overpriced in the nearest town. I am already missing Washington state potatoes and onions - geeze!

We did celebrate our anniversary at the Lost Coast Brewery - OMG - we were stunned by the food, wish I could post pictures! The fish was so fresh, the calimari was perfection, and the beer . . . OMG! If anyone loves beer and sees Lost Coast go for it.

Well goodnight friends. If things improve you'll hear from me.
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Sharon hang in there! About your cell phone, who is your carrier? Out where I live this is no AT&T service but Verizon is great. Ask around, you may just need to change carriers.

I'm sorry to hear the family issues. Unfortunately we cannot pick our families, But you can pick your friends and you chose us. Good choice I might add

Embrace the struggles, turn them into triumphs. I know you can girl!
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Well now, this is a bummer. But, as Denise said, check carriers. When I worked in Foresthill, I had to change carriers so I had a phone that worked.

Foodwise, yes, it's time to think about Sharon & Bob. And, I bet this will give you time to plan more for your book. (not time-wise, I know you're working alot and hard, but idea-wise)
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Wow, I hope you can get it all worked out Sharon. I would go insane without the internet. Phone I can live without.

Hang in there and check in when you can.
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She does have discriminating taste in comrades, doesn't she! I understand your pain, Sharon. Breath the fabulous air, enjoy the surroundings and consider the next stage . . . and then pick up those towels!
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Sorry to hear what you are going thru, Sharon. As the others said, enjoy the Redwoods, and remember, it's only temporary.
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Enjoy your surroundings and time The rest will work itself out. If not you can always move !!!

Everything will be all right in the end. So if it is not right, then it's not yet the end.
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I agree with the others. Embrace the peace! Everything else will work out with time and planning.
Keep your mind wide open.
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At least you two have each other Family relationships can be so difficult. If only family were as nice, respectful, forgiving, and as understanding as our friends... right?
"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
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Hang in there Sharon! I know you'll get it all straightened out!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then find someone whose life has given them vodka.

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