Christmas Eve Dinner, 12/24/13??
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Merry Christmas everyone - what's on the menu for today?

We're meeting Laura and family for dinner at

And, is Roy a happy camper at the thought!!!
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Jean, that sounds wonderful! I love schnitzel and weisswurst, but haven't had sauerbraten in years, so that's probably what I'd go for. I guess I really ought to try making it myself one of these days!

We're having Chicken Tortilla Soup and salad tonight. I don't know everyone's schedule, so a crockpot soup sounded easy and tasty. Dessert is cherry or pecan pie and ice cream.
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We are going out for Chinese.

That place sounds great, Jean. Would be hard to choose what to order.
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What an awesome menu, Jean! Roy is going to be in HEAVEN!

I decided to go Italian this year. With a nod to William's condition, I'm making a recipe I found years ago for a healthier version of lasagna. We'll have a big salad on the side.
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I'd have to try the Beef Rouladen so that I could compare it to the Cuisine at Home version. Their Sauerbraten was Featured on DD&D with Guy Fieri.

Tonight's dinner will be Southwestern Chicken Paninis. I'm also making pumpkin cheesecake for tomorrows dessert.
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Bologna sandwiches, a few grapes and crackers. By the time we get to Woodland everything will closed up
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That will be so much fun Jean. I can't see much of anything on that menu that I would be ordering. It'd take me hours to decide.

I don't know what we're having tonight. Maybe make it an easy night with leftovers - we have alot. I have a bunch of sewing to do today for the "family". So I'll be concentrating on that most of the day. I do want to do a little baking too.
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Only took me a minute to decide. Weiner Schnitzel! Love it!

Dinner tonight will be at Holly and Bob's house. Lots of appetizers and a party tray. The whole family drifts in and out. Some stay longer than others, so we find this is what works best.

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I have to try to make Weiner Schnitzel sometime. Don't think that C@H has ever provided a recipe (hint, hint), but I have seen some online.

Even though there was a 25-lb turkey in the oven for 4 hours and was resting on top of the range, we're having pizza!!

The turkey is for our next door neighbor and her family. I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from her. She smelled gas (her range is gas/gas). Her son came over but didn't smell anything. Well I hopped over and got a good whiff right away! It wasn't over-powering or anything, but it was there. Told her to call the Gas company right away. She did and they weren't worried too much and to light a candle if she wanted to as the smell gave her a headache. Go PSE&G!! We want a recently widowed neighbor possibly losing her house and her life! You Boneheads!

Anyway, all things came to a great end. Talked to her wonderful son and told him we would cook the family's turkey in our stove while she got it checked out from the plumbing guy. He showed up at 10:30 today when we had just popped it in the oven (she has a really cool and old roasting pan and cover!). All the plumber guy had to do was replace the line to the range. Problem solved and he didn't charge her. He's a family friend who was also at the funeral of her late hubby.

Just walked the cooled bird over to her house and popped in the fridge. Told her to have the family make lots of noise so we can hear them. They were a great family to live next to for the last 27 years. Their holidays and get-togethers while, and after, everyone grew up were some fun, great times.

This is what Christmas is all about.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Yes, Barbara, that is what Christmas is all about. How very nice of you! We're going to MIL's for shrimp and lobster. Pizza sounds really good right now, though! Sure is easier!


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