Tuesday's Dinner, 3/11/14??
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What's on the menu for everyone today??

I'm trying a couple of new dishes today - One-Pan Mexican Quinoa that I saw on Pinterest.

And, I have the 'scraps' from my papaya (Sat.'s dessert) and I was looking for ideas. Came across Grilled Shrimp with Papaya Mustard. The description says it's good over tuna, crab, scallops and even hot dogs.

I'll try it with grilled shrimp
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Also trying something new. A while back I bought Michael Symon's Five in Five cookbook (every recipe uses 5 fresh ingredients). Tonight I'm trying the chicken peanut satay but I won't fiddle with the sticks - just grilled boneless thighs. The five ingredients are peanut butter, soy sauce, orange zest, fresh orange juice, diced japaleno. I guess the cilantro I'll garnish with makes it 6 ingredients. Well, 7 if you count the chicken.

Steamed rice and grilled vegetables or steamed carrots with it.
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Those both sound really good, Trixxee and Jean!

We're grilling again. Tonight it's the chipotle chicken kebabs with avocado cream that I made a while back. I'll serve them with Spanish rice and grilled asparagus.
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Another day that everything sounds so good!

We're having gyro burgers tonight with a side of grilled eggplant.

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Everything does sound good. I made that Chipotle chicken kebob recipe (thanks for the link Karyn), they're really delicious.

Beautiful day here, lots of sunshine so I'll be grilling also. Tonight it's Cobb Salad Quesadillas, Trixxee made this a week or so ago and it looked really good.
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Such creative meals! I'm so impressed. I started out with an attempt to get on the deck quickly. I had all the ingredients for Chicken Piccata, brown rice pasta, and blanched asparagus to roast. That was dinner, but an early dinner was not in the cards.

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Newlywed bliss continues to allude them.

The Picatta and Brown rice pasta was really good! My 99 cent asparagus continues to please!
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Grilled Korean style beef (hanger steak), rice & stir fried broccoli. We've still got to rub some corned briskets and a pork butt for the smoker tomorrow so an easy dinner was in order.
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