The Next Chapter.....Way O.T.
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This missive is so off-topic and long that I apologize ahead of time. I guess I’m feeling like Linda did a couple weeks ago…this is such a wonderful and safe place to vent, complain and share. So here goes.

Things are moving so fast and I’ve been neglectful of the forum, but you guys just carry on anyway, so all is good!

A week ago Monday (the 19th) we signed papers listing the house. Wednesday, we came over to Wenatchee for 2 weeks. Tuesday, the 27th, we got word from the realtor that a couple was very interested and would probably make an offer. The offer came in and we accepted it with some stipulations – they wanted everything we were willing to leave with the house. And, that’s what’s been going back and forth since.

But, to all intents and purposes the house is sold already. Our realtor hooked us up with a gal over here and we spent one morning looking at places and that’s when I really started getting upset. I thought we were moving too fast and we would end up doing/buying something we’d be sorry for later.

Yesterday morning, we sat down and talked and decided to stay with the original plan and travel for a year (or however long we want), then look for a place. Who knows, we could find a different town and/or state we’d rather live in…who knows??

So for 3 hours yesterday, I calmed down and things were fine. Then we get a call from the realtor here asking, had we ever thought of a barn?????????????????????? Some of you know we left California from living in a barn for 12 years and we spent the most part of the last 30 years raising pigs, chickens, cattle, rabbits,……….

Now, Roy is ecstatic and so ready to go buy a barn and go from there. We were already into b’day celebrations yesterday when we got the call, so no way were we getting on the road then.

Guess what we’re doing this morning – hope he lets us have breakfast before heading out the door!!!!

So, that’s my sad/happy tale of woe/excitement and I’m back on the roller coaster.
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It never hurts to looks. The hardest thing is selling and buying a house. And hell if you love it, buy it, let it sit vacant and you can still go travel a year! Then while traveling you'll know that when you're ready you have a place to come back to without the hassles of then finding a place.

Roller coaster is an understatement! One thing for sure, no one can tell you two what to do. You'll do what's right for both of you

Congrats on the next leg!!
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I feel like a ping pong ball just reading this! I hope you guys slow down and really analyze this whole thing after seeing the barn.

Honestly one of my thoughts was if you do travel for a year, you might be so sick of it and have cabin fever by then you'll buy the first thing you see when you get back and that won't be good either.
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WOW! That was fast, but then the house is so spectacular and I can't imagine anyone not wanting it.

You and Roy are so resilient . . . and you always create a wonderland of friends and "home" wherever you go. Take time to really think about everything. We'd love having you closer!

I can relate to how you two must feel. When we moved to ND it was like closing our eyes and jumping - in retrospect we're glad we did it, but regret some of our decisions - a bit.
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!
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Well, one good thing today.....that darn barn sold yesterday!!!!!
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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Whew! ?
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!
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Wasn't meant to be! I'm sure the moving out will be bittersweet. But you have some great pictures and memories to take with you. And a new journey ahead!
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Okay, I get "Buyer's Remorse", but "Seller's Remorse"? Jean and Roy!! This could be a great wakeup call to travel without a house to think about while you're gone and how it's selling, worrying where you'd stuff your stuff, no mailed bills, and just let go. You have to post about the travels.

Seriously, you must have a very desirable house in your area for it to be under contract so soon. Maybe if you thought it sold under market value, I would understand your remorse. If you had a broker worth his/her salt, the price would be in play with multiple prospective buyers, but maybe. There are so many what ifs and maybes. I'm coming from a perspective of all of our siblings' efforts to sell our parents home in a very desirable location outside Philadelphia, I understand. We thank goodness the parent's house got sold within the week it was listed! It was extremely outdated! Built in the 50's and never updated for anything. It sold for less than market value, but we had to take it. Renos would have cost a fortune and would not have been worth it.

I wish you and Roy the BEST! I want to do the same thing when we retire!

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Well it all sounds exciting... even though it's ups and downs. Sounds like you are being 'tested' as to what you REALLY want to do Keep us posted, we love to hear everything. I know Brad and I would be apt to take a year off and travel and see where we might want to settle down. Trouble is, Brad and I tend to fall in love with everywhere we go! A fun adventure indeed!
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It sounds like things are working out just as they should. It's a lot to process all at once, so take a minute, enjoy the moment, and let the next chapter unfold...

Congratulations on the quick sale. You put in some long hours getting your home ready. No surprise that it went fast!

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