Monday's Dinner, 6/2/14??
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So, what's on the menu for today?

I'm trying a new sourdough coffee cake for breakfast and some kind of chicken/pasta dish later.
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  Re: Monday's Dinner, 6/2/14?? by cjs (So, what's on the me...)
I want Coke-Brined chicken... but that will have to wait until Wednesday.
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Boneless teriyaki thighs on the grill, assorted grilled vegetables and jasmine rice.
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I'll be making that coke-brined chicken again real soon, it was so delicious.

Tonight it's the chipotle chicken burger.
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I tried a new recipe from CI--Pasta Frittata with Sausage and Hot Peppers--it was terrible! I'm actually stunned that a skillet pasta dish could come out so flavorless and oily. John thought it was okay after he added tons of Romano cheese, but I'm not eating it for lunch tomorrow!

Coke-brined chicken and/or chipotle chicken burgers sound like much better choices.
  Re: Re: Monday's Dinner, 6/2/14?? by karyn (I tried a new recipe...)
I'm sorry you had a bust, Karyn! I know how that must suck on a school night!

I played it safe with BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and salad. William did a great char on my chicken! YUM!
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Tonight is meatballs & cheese ravioli in a red sauce with garlic/cheese toast. Bob made a big salad with some of our home grown lettuce. (actually dinner was a combo of Classico sauce, frozen ravioli & frozen meatballs, and baby portabellas) I hate working late!
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