Welcome back Labs!
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Saw you stopped in for Jean's pizza post, so wanted to give you a proper welcome home. Glad you checked in.

How is Mimosa?

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How is job search coming?
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Mimosa is enjoying her new country - especially trying (although on a leash) to catch squirrels, crows, armadillos, etc.

Job hunt is just getting started. Also helping my mom relocate to a smaller place, although I'll probably stay with her, rather than trying to find a separate place, so I can help her out and we can save money. That said, we'll probably move to the Orlando area for better job opportunities.
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Hugs to you for being such a good help to your Mom. I know how hard it can be to live with a parent - but I know that it can be great fun and makes so much sense.

Wishing you all the best in the move and the job search.
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God bless you for tossing in with your mom and finding the best situation for the two of you! That is giving on both sides! Bless you both! You both stay in my prayers! You will find the best situation for you both. It WILL work out. I have faith!
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