Saturday's Dinner, 6/28/14.
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What's on the menu this morning?

We're headed for Medford - so who knows?

Denise's taco were a spread and a half! So good! Wish we could visit longer.
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  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 6/28/14. by cjs (What's on the menu t...)
We're having pizza tonight. I'm thinking we'll do John's favorite veggie pizza with pesto.
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We're grilling steaks and corn tonight with the kids.

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Either I've picked up a bug or I ate something that doesn't agree with me. Either way, the last thing I'm thinking about is food. Hopefully, this situation will soon resolve itself. If so, we'll be having steaks with fresh boiled potatoes and either beans or a salad.
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Lol left over tacos And tomorrow taco pizza I do believe

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