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Okay, I had this pretty lengthy hello message almost ready to post and POOF—it just disappeared and some inconsiderate AVAST advert popped up.... &%$&#.
Anyway, I certainly deserve to be taken to task for not keeping in touch but the past 18 months have been horrendous (physically and emotionally). I will not belabour the issues. The past couple of weeks have been pretty good so I have had a few moments to check out some of the shenanigans you all are up to. It has been entertaining to say the least. You all sound great and many thanks for thoughts you have posted. This really is a place that I have enjoyed for MANY years---all because of you. I will try to keep in touch more often—I promise.
OHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!! Peter just came to me and says “ANOTHER KIDNEY STONE”. This is #6 in the past three months. Well---off to the hospital AGAIN!!
Missing y’all!!!!
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Welcome back - if only for a moment in time! Please take care of yourselves and stop back when you can. Know that you are missed.
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We miss you too! Hope you will check back in soon.

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Oh Roxanne! I'm sorry you guys have had a rough go of it. I hope better days are in your future. Please check in again when you can. We miss you!
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So glad you checked in Roxanne! I sure hope things smooth out for two very soon and you can come see us more often. **hugs**
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Hey Roxanne! Really nice of you to think of us an pop in to say hello. Take care.

(Sending prayers for Peter)
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It's good to see you on the board again! Sorry to hear about Pete's stones, though. Hang in there and check in once in a while.

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Good to see Roxanne back here again, for a bit. Hope you can come back more often.
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Roxanne, it's good to see you here - even if just for a moment. I hope that things start going better for you two and that you'll soon be able to spend more time here. Hugs and prayers for you both!
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Thank you all again for your well wishes and welcome back.

PHEWWWW-----this was an easy one (the stone, that is). We forced fluids and got away really lucky!! I'm getting to be an expert at this scenario. Poor guy, but a real trooper.
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