C@H Review: Korean-Style Bulgogi
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I gave this one a 9+ and Roy gave it an 11!!! All the flavors are so good together and the pickled veggies just topped everything off so well. I prepped everything for Friday's dinner, but can't remember why we didn't get to it, so it was a breeze to put together late last night.

A couple subs I made - tired of noodles/pasta, so flavored rice with the goodies meant for the vermicelli and had no daikon, so pickled carrots, cucumber and gr. onions.
[Image: Aug23Korean-StyleBulgogi_zps86c5d3ec.jpg]

Korean-style Bulgogi with ginger dipping sauce
From: Cuisine at home No. 70 (August 2008)
Page 14
Makes 2 servings Total time: 25 minutes

1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup rice vinegar
2 T. soy sauce
2 T. fresh ginger, minced
1 T. garlic, minced
2 t. toasted sesame oil
2 t. sambal
1 T. water
1 t. cornstarch

3/4 lb. ribeye steak, cut into
1/4"-thick strips
Salt and pepper
Sliced scallions
Toasted sesame seeds

Preheat grill to high.
Simmer sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, and sambal together in a small saucepan over high heat. Combine water and cornstarch in a small bowl, then
whisk into the sauce. Return mixture to a boil and simmer 1 minute; remove from heat and set aside.

Season ribeye strips with salt and pepper; grill 2 minutes per side, then toss in 2 T. dipping sauce. Arrange strips on 2 plates and garnish with scallions and sesame seeds. Serve with vermicelli, vegetables, and remaining sauce on the side.

Sesame Rice Vermicelli
Makes 2 cups Total time: about 15 minutes

4 oz. dry rice vermicelli
2 T. scallions, thinly sliced
1 T. toasted sesame oil
1 T. sesame seeds, toasted

Prepare vermicelli according to package instructions and cool. Toss with remaining ingredients.

Spicy Pickled Vegetables
Makes 2 cups Total time: 15 minutes + marinating

2 T. rice vinegar
1 T. fresh lime juice
1 t. sugar
1 t. sambal
1/2 t. kosher salt
1/3 cup each carrot and daikon, peeled, sliced into matchsticks
1/3 cup cucumber, seeded, thinly sliced into half-moons

Whisk vinegar, lime juice, sugar, sambal, and salt together in a bowl until sugar and salt dissolve. Pour marinade over vegetables in a resealable plastic bag and refrigerate1 hour. Drain vegetables in a colander before serving.
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We love this one, too!

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How funny - I have this on my very short list of weeknight dinners to make. Spotted it when I was looking for the Circus Dog recipe.

Thanks for the review.
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I'll have to sneak this one by. He'll have a fit if he realizes I've tricked him and it's not mine! LOL! We like ginger, and I use it often. But not in my Korean Beef.
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Just another version, Daphne.
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Made this last night and liked it - a lot. I messed up the process though because I didn't read the recipe though. I just assumed you marinated the beef and then cooked the sauce down to thicken. Oh well, I did it kind of backwards but it was really good.

Also made the pickled vegetables with it. Those were good too. I would give the recipes an easy 9!

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