Thursday's Dinner, 10/2/14??
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What's on the menu for today??

Travel day for us to Lake of the Ozarks for just a few days - then on to BRANSON!!!

We'll probably eat catch-as catch-can today.
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  Re: Thursday's Dinner, 10/2/14?? by cjs (What's on the menu f...)
Grilled cheese, honey baked ham & tomato sandwiches here. Just need to pick up a nice loaf of fresh baked bread of some sort.
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French onion Salisbury steak.
  Re: Re: Thursday's Dinner, 10/2/14?? by losblanos1 (French onion Salisbu...)
Went to the West Side Market yesterday and brought home lots of veggies. So, made a pot of vegetable soup with some of them. That will either be lunch or dinner.

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Roasted chicken with lemony fried cauliflower....the cauliflower was to die for.
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