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Because this may be the last Christmas at our farm, we are planning a party in mid-December. And I am panicking! Now, I am not the Vicci of old. I haven't had more than 2 couples for dinner in I-don't-know-how-long. With the house search, then the house-building, I've been too busy. And as far as I can recall, our last major party was our 25th anniversary, 6 years ago!

We did have a Christmas party around 10 years ago, and typical of me at that time, I went crazy with it. Refused any help, did it all myself, and barely remember anything about the evening (although we received rave thank-you's for days afterward).

I want to focus on the house this time because it may be the last chance I will have to use the plethora of Victorian decorations that I've collected over the years.

And, yes, I will allow guests to bring contributions!

So, what I am thinking is that most people would want to bring an appetizer or dessert. A buffet would be necessary because we don't ave big enough table for the 20+ people who will be there. Should this just BE "apps and desserts"? Has anyone done this? Or should I add some main-course type items (a sliced ham with corn biscuits and cranberry relish, something with chicken or turkey, etc.) for variety and substance?

Any ideas? Tips? Recipes? I welcome it all!

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I would be happy with just apps and desserts, but I do like the ham idea.
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Are you inviting any men? If yes, then have something substantial. Everyone loves a honey baked ham for sure (or at least most people). You could do a variety of rolls, cheese, condiments, etc., and maybe a hot potato dish or some kind.
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Apps & dessert buffet would be great - but, makings for mini-sandwiches (sliders nowadays... ) would round things out.

And, you have room for having apps/sandwiches in one room and desserts in another. Wine selections for each table? sounds like fun and what a great way to see your beautiful old house out.
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I like the apps, dessert and mini sandwich idea. That would be enough for Ron and he has a pretty hearty appetite. If I was concerned about it not being enough food, then would probably add a casserole of a baked pasta.

Is anyone going to make a fruit and/or veggie tray? Maybe you could suggest that to someone who needs an easy app idea?

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You all gave me some great suggestions, thank you! I'm going to work on the menu and run it by the forum at some point. DH is very excited about the party, he's been calling people to tell them to save the date.

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