Review: Clam PIzza & Chunky Tomato/Kalamata Salad
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Googled and found where I had gotten these two recipes. They are both from Epicurious. What a great combination of flavors. And, simplicity at its finest!

[Image: Nov23ClamPizzaBianca_zps1a3d29d0.jpg]

I had thawed 7 oz. of dough, but decided to use 3 1/2 oz. for a thin cracker crust and it was just perfect! ( this from the thick crust lover!). I'm going to repeat the pizza part for a later snack with the other half of dough.

But, the salad with the pizza is really a combination that should not be missed. One reviewer mentioned replacing the greens with penne for a pasta salad and someone else mentioned adding feta....right up my alley!!

Clam Pizza Bianca

Chunky Tomato & Black Olive Salad
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