Monday's Dinner, 11/24/14??
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What's on the menu for today for everyone??

Using up pantry and/or leftover items, so Spam Primavera and roasted asparagus.
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I think I'm leaning toward chicken fajitas with red onion and orange peppers. Pinto beans and cheese on the side, with flour tortillas, but I may skip the tortilla. Pre-damage control. LOL.
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We're having a stew I haven't made in quite a while, but that I remember really enjoying-- Veal Stew with Red Wine and Sweet Peppers. I made it while is rained all day yesterday, so I just have to heat it up tonight.
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It's B'fast for dinner Monday. I'm making a couple of new recipes, overnight coconut French toast with coconut sauce and from Saveur, Oeufs en Cocotte au Saumon Fumé (Eggs Baked with Smoked Salmon).
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Oh, that sounds like so much fun, Blane. Might just have to try breakfast for dinner sometime soon.

Dinner tonight will be a chili cornbread recipe that a classmate gave me a few years ago, then I never made it after that. Put chili in a baking dish, top with cheddar cheese, then top with jiffy corn bread batter and bake 20-25 min.

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YUMMM interesting!

I made a cheeseburger and a salad. Didn't make it to McD the other night..just had a baked potato with broccoli and cheese topping.
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  Re: Re: Monday's Dinner, 11/24/14?? by Roxanne 21 (YUMMM ...)
I already changed my mind. The turkey/muenster/cranberry sauce monte cristo sandwiches Noble Pig showed either yesterday or today just sound so good - but I'll make it the traditional way with ham until I have some turkey.

Bought a beautiful loaf of fresh french bread for them. Now, if I can just stay out of the bread until dinner.
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I saw that Trixxee! It did look good!

Everyone's dinners sound so good! We're having pot roast with carrots, celery, and potatoes with peas on the side. The weather is nasty, and I love doing a dish that I can put on when I get home and forget about until dinner time on school nights.
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I saw that one too,'s bookmarked for my Friday after-Thanksgiving sandwich!!
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I "found" some butternut squash ravioli in the refrigerator (bought at Sam's a couple of weeks ago, then forgotten...) and it was a great quick dinner with browned butter and chopped toasted hazelnuts; sides of steamed broccoli and sauteed tomatoes w/ garlic. Ah, Mondays...

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