Thursday's Dinner, 12/4/14??
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What's on the menu for everyone today??

Alligator pizza here - with the creole sauce from the old Creole pizza that we worked on a ways back. Remember Maryann and Bill? - (weren't we going to call it Coon-A$$ pizza or something???) And, later an abbreviated Chef salad.
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If everyone is feeling ok, it's the eggplant parm I wanted to make several days ago but then Tony got sick. We'll see.
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Hope you are all better soon, Trixxee.

Jean, it's been a while since we have had that pizza and it's one of our favorites.

We're thinking we might go out tonight. Ron is going back to Pa. tomorrow. But, we have l/os to use so that might change.

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I picked up a couple steaks. We'll have baked potatoes and salad on the side.

Trixxee, I hope you all get well soon!
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Thank you! Somehow I have managed to escape. Tony is much better and Michael is still exhausted and very little appetite but he has been going to school since Tuesday and being a trooper. If he was in elementary school I would have just said screw it - stay home a few more days but it's murder missing multiple days in a row in high school if you don't absolutely have to. As it is he had double day work/homework on Tuesday so I helped him by coloring in a 1914 map of Europe (yes, they still color in high school - and lots of it), and some other assorted help. LOL.

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