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I was a little over zealous and bought a lot of Half&Half during the Christmas holiday. I always have a fear that I will need some key ingredient on Christmas day when all of the grocery stores are closed so I tend to stock up. I have some Half&Half left and was wondering if you could freeze Half&Half and if so for how long?

Thank you.
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Freezing half and half is not a good idea. The cream will separate and you'll get a grainy product. Take a look on the carton and see if it says, Ultra Pasteurized. If it does then you can keep it for a couple of months, depending on the expiration date on the carton. Do you make ice cream? How about using it in cream type soups? There has to be a million recipes on google for cream soup. Use it on cereal, hot chocolate, coffee, make a creamy pasta sauce. The list is endless. Google, Uses for Half and Half, and see what happens.
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I have a possible solution to your problem. Look online for the La Madeleine recipe for tomato basil soup which you can make with canned tomatoes. It calls for heavy cream, but half and half would be fine. Then freeze the soup. It is great both hot and cold. They sell the stuff here (Dallas) for $9 a jar which feeds only 2! And if you can't find fresh basil, you might try basil pesto which I used and it turned out great.
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